Executive Coaching

Our coaching process

Synergy Coaching Group works through a process that increases the individual executive’s skill and effectiveness in:

  • building relationships that result in outstanding team performance
  • communicating the purpose, vision and goals of the organisation to their staff
  • producing results and outcomes by directing efforts from others rather than his/her own efforts

This improvement in individual performance has a ripple effect on the organisation, changing attitudes and culture, and improving outcomes and profitability. Clients have variously reported a more cooperative mood among employees and towards clients, a decline in turnover, and substantial increases in net profit.

A typical executive coaching program structure

We recommend that each program commences and ends with a three way meeting between the coaching participant, their manager and the coach to identify the participant’s strengths, current challenges and to identify the development objectives and key performance indicators. These will form the basis of the coaching program going forward. This process enables the manager to gain greater insights into the participant’s strengths and motivations, providing a basis for assisting the participant to achieve sustainable performance in the future.


What is Executive Coaching?

Executive coaching is a proven method of enhancing the leadership, communication and people management skills of individuals. It involves one-on-one sessions based on specific goals; the sessions are held fortnightly or monthly for an agreed period of time.

“Through my coaching sessions with you I have developed a heightened awareness of myself which has allowed me to identify and appreciate my strengths, acknowledge my limitations and learn how to challenge them.”

– General Manager
Financial Services

“I am very grateful to you, Monica, for your help. My experience of coaching with you was a catalyst for extraordinary personal and professional development. My outlook on life and my interaction with others has changed beyond recognition. I feel much more powerful and in control of my life.”

– Partner
Professional Services firm

“My coaching clients”

“Adapting my coaching style”

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